``Protect our ocean is core to protect our planet and focus of everything we do”

Ocean covers two thirds of world surface and 7.6 billion people benefit from ocean around the world. It provides numerous direct and indirect occupations. While enhancing the opportunities of trade related income generation. With the increasing demand for fish products, there is a huge pressure put on wild catches, questioning the sustainability of the future fish stocks???
IUU fishing has been identified as a major threat for marine ecosystems, food security and sustainable fisheries around the world.


we believe that “Protecting our oceans & oceanic resources are core to protect our planet and the focus of everything we do”. We do not accept IUU fishing activities as fish processor, exporter, supplier and also a nature lover.
Fisheries & Aquatic Recourses Act No 02 /1996 is the main legal instrument that regulate fishing operations in the high seas
  • Push Nets
  • Moxy Nets
  • Monofilament net
  • Gil net
  • Trammel net on coral reefs have been pronounced as illegal fishing methods in Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lankan Long line improvement project (SLEIP) is aimed at promoting sustainable fishing practices. 
  • Thousands of valuable dolphins, turtles, loggerhead, sharks, seabirds are victims of unethical & irresponsible fishing practices
  • We strictly following catch data regulations and high seas fishing regulations
  • As a major approach High seas fishing operations are monitored by vessel monitoring system (VMS) and log books in Sri Lanka.
  • As a seafood processor / exporter we always have a duty to use oceanic resources in sustainable manner in order to save oceanic resource to our future generation 
  • In honoring our commitment to the ocean and in respect to the oceanic species Southern Coast Exports (Pvt) Ltd have always taken steps to encourage sustainable fishing practices & do awareness programs to our suppliers